Tough Smartphones Cat B15 Vs JCB Toughphone Pro – Smart

Tough Smartphones Cat B15 Vs JCB Toughphone Pro – Smart

Being a difficult smartphone is for sure not a elegant job, you dont have the top necessities inside of the global, and you are more gradually than not chucked across the surface/personal family/manufacturing web site devoid of regard.

The CAT B15 and the JCB Toughphone Pro-Smart are proof of this, the 2 feature contact visible display unit models of an honest length, and the 2 are aimed on the macho industry, nevertheless that is optimum worthwhile? Lets take a glance


Both handsets are patently developed to resist a beating, and the 2 glance like they would presumably just additionally stand an even drop.

The JCB is very chunkier than the CAT, and weighs 195g, making it consider tougher inside of the hand, at the same time the CAT weighs in at 170g.

In my opinion, they're the 2 exceptionally hard, nevertheless little concerns end up the excellence accurate here, the CAT B15 has a clip on shy away quilt, at the same time the JCB in bodily declaration boasts a screw on shy away quilt. Whilst this could presumably just well be a bother when exchanging the battery, it does make the cellphone more at ease.

The JCB additionally has a smaller screen, hectic for utilizing it sure, nevertheless another time making it more at ease.

Whilst the JCB  appear to win this ingredient of the attempt against, it does so by reducing user-friendliness, some factor that will probably be guaranteed to trigger it as many complications as it does answers.

Winner: JCB Toughphone


This is one of the most imperative for telephones like this, being designed to work through hard circumstances merely.

The CAT B15 in an instantaneous moves you as less challenging to use resulting from the its bigger screen, it additionally providers morepersistent beneath the hood besides, stocking a twin-center 1GHz processor, above the JCBs 800MGz single-center chip.

Whilst the 2 run Android, the CAT B15 deals more updates and a greater variation of the jogging gear besides.

Also, the B15 additionally activities rainy-finger monitoring, because of this that the contact screen will work permanently in rain, some factor that will probably be slightly trickier with the JCB.

Finally, merely working small provides of the handset is much less challenging on the CAT B15, at the same time we pointed out previously that the shy away of the Toughphone is screwed on, this suggests that to entry the SD card slot and battery requires a screwdriver. The CAT although has a clip on shy away quilt, making it an executed lot less challenging to entry the shy away of the cellphone.

Winner: CAT B15


In well-known, neither cellphone can compete with obligatory smartphone in layout phrases, as the 2 are developed to source safety to as adversarial to purchasing appropriate.

But accurate here another time you notice the JCBs clunky shell weigh it down as compared with the CAT B15, making the CAT appear most more intriguing, exceptionally inside of the hand.

The JCB weighs you down when carrying it, at the same time the B15 is most more pocket and hand friendly.

Its bigger contact screen additionally deals a greater exhibit and extensively makes the cellphone glance bigger. Both source safety to from dirt and shock merely, as you are able to possibly possibly presumably just additionally well predict from the hardest telephones for sale.

Winner: CAT B15

All in all, at the same time the JCB turns out to be like and feels a little bit tougher than the CAT, the B15 works bigger and quicker, turns out to be like most more intriguing and deals an exact defense as the JCB, making it the very last winner.

So if youre buying to establish upon up regarded as one of many extremely imperative toughest telephones for sale, confirm to doubtless verge in the direction of the CAT B15.