Introducing New Cat To Existing Cat

Introducing New Cat To Existing Cat

I be extensive awake returned in 2007 when we were hunting at adopting a cat, the volunteers told us that Sidney too will likely be essentially the most basic cat within the nuclear own family. The tale we were told turned into that Sidney’s past owners obtained a new cat. Sidney and the contemporary cat fought lots. Sidney’s past owners took him to the animal shelter and he ended up on Death Row! He turned into rescued by this association we adopted Sidney from. I couldn’t assume Sidney ended up within the animal shelter when he turned into the 1st cat within the nuclear own family! I turned into afraid to even assume practically getting a 2nd cat after hearing Sidney’s tale!

Sidney has a bob-tail. When we took him to the vet for his first confer with, we discovered out that Sidney’s tail turned into amputated by getting caught in a automobile door or refrigerator door. We would smartly tell that he had been abused within the nuclear own family he lived in earlier us! I would grasp a brush to comb and he would commence and run away like I turned into going to triumph over him with it. The identical aspect would flip up when we might grasp a fly swatter!

He still is jumpy those days though not everywhere near what he turned into. We have owned Sidney for five years now and he still is nervous of the broom and fly swatter! A couple of years had surpassed since we obtained Sidney and I started out chatting with our vet practically optimum likely getting a 2nd cat.

I told our vet Sidney’s tale practically not getting on the facet of the 2nd cat whatsoever together with his past owners. Our vet cited it all has to do with the system you introducing new cat to an determination cat. I cited in general?! My intellect started out running into further time…on the suited system to get my husband to agree that Sidney compulsory a playmate! I discussed it to my husband and he didn’t say “No.” So that turned into a successful aspect!

Once once again, my daughter and I beginning going to the nearby PetSmart to tournament what style of declawed cats they’d conceivable to undertake. They did not have any. I started out paying for groceries the cyber info superhighway for nearby pet shelters and cat agencies for a feminine practically an analogous age of Sidney (practically 3 years historic) and declawed. I discovered 4 cats that met our criteria all at an analogous firm! It turned into a cage-free cat shelter positioned in Marietta, Georgia. That turned into practically a hour and a part system from in which we lived.

I frequent as and talked to them and told the volunteers Sidney’s tale practically not getting on the facet of the contemporary cat that turned into brought in by his past owners. They cited an analogous aspect our vet did! It is all within the system introducing new cat to historic cat. I printed out the 4 cats pictures and showed my husband. He sought after to head visible allure on the cats. That Sunday we went for a shuttle and we ended up bringing Lucy dwelling!

So suited here is the formula for introducing new cat/offer cat: take your entire concerns very sluggish! We put Lucy (new cat) in our daughter’s bed room. This stable water bowl, delicacies bowl, clutter discipline, pet bed and cat nip toys. We didn’t let Lucy out of the bed room for not below 2 weeks! I took a towel and rubbed it on Sidney’s face (offer cat) and a took a towel and rubbed it on Lucy’s face. I then exchanged the towels for each one and every of them the get use to each one and every other’s ‘smell’ During this entire time, they were placing their paws below our daughter’s bed room door and meowing and hissing at each one and every other. I additionally exchanged toys amongst the two so they’d each one and every other odor near them!

Once the two weeks surpassed, we put Lucy (new cat) in her pet carrier and positioned her within the center of the residing room for practically an hour. This allowed for quite a few concerns: 1) Sidney and Lucy would smartly each one and every see each one and every other face to face and catch up with; 2) Sidney would smartly go in daughter’s bed room to smell round to get lots more of Lucy’s scent! We did this for practically 1 week.

Our subsequent step turned into to have supervised visits with each one and every cats. We closed all bed room and lavatory doors so neither one would smartly disguise very with out downside. In the beginning there has been a very best volume of hissing though then they in basic terms started out to neglect about each one and every other. We would let them confer with for practically part-hour the 1st 2 days. We greater it to at least one hour a more advantageous 2 days and so on. We in basic terms not did go away the 2 of them by myself unattended for the 1st 3 months in basic terms making use of our male cat (Sidney) weighs twice as this diversity of lot as our feminine cat (Lucy). Plus Lucy does not have any optimum fascinating dog teeth, so she is at a disadvantage of covering herself. This is the charge you would like to pay with the target to have a two cat nuclear own family in unity!

It likely took 2 years earlier the two of them have gotten buddies! But they did get along world large that point. They in basic terms kinda stayed away from each one and every other. Now they fresh each one and every other, play collectively and sleep collectively. It looked find it irresistible took an incredibly long term for this to show up though it turned into bear in suggestions the indisputable truth that price it! So when of us say, “This cat can even be essentially the most basic cat within the nuclear own family,” it be going to be all within the system you introduce the contemporary cat!