Cat Scratching Solutions & Alternatives to Declawing

Cat scratching is a natural form of self-expression for felines that satisfies a couple of demands linked to fitness and neatly-being. Scratching grants a natural nail cropping that strips the outer sheath or layer of the claw for hygienic purposes; enables stretching of the muscles, ligaments, and tendons for fitness and vitality; grants an outlet for responding to anxiety and crisis; and gives an satisfying species-authentic instruct linked to excitement and play.

This listing turned into created to aid ladies and men that need answers to cat scratching behavior and potentialities to declawing. Our goal is to create an exhaustive listing so that folk have the counsel obligatory to perceive natural wholesome cat scratch behavior and stick with while feeling empowered and adept at redirecting it to designated scratch surfaces.

NOTE: This listing is long and diverse in recognition of cat’s someone purrsonalities, pawticular purreferences, and personal cat scratch expressions and impressions. Another words, some of the ones answers will work together with your cat while others will no longer. The purrpose is to present ample pawsibilities which could neatly perhaps possibly be chosen and implemented in response to your authentic demands, the demands of your cat, and the demands of your interspecies family unit. Although we are eager to compile 100 pawsibilities, we need folk to do not forget that we are no longer suggesting that you just use all of the ones with one cat. We do advise that folk track their tom cat personal family behavior for cues and clues in order to make a choice the answers which could be highest inexperienced and reasonable in their exact cohabitation scenario. Although this would possibly likely no longer be obligatory for somebody to employ each option, answer, or intervention discussed within the listing…more pawsibilities confirm that some answer may neatly perhaps possibly be situated for any cat, any purrson, and any family unit.

1. Have you created an neighborhood or neighborhood within the domestic where your tom cat personal family member can ride secure, secure, and cozy? A cat snug is less more than possibly to have interplay in what appears to be random, indiscriminate scratching.
2. Have you furnished a scratch surface with a texture that your tom cat prefers or multi-textured potentialities? (cloth; wood; window display; upholstery; rugs/carpet; mattress ticking; sisal, basket weave; cardboard; cork)
three. Have you furnished a scratch surface that grants an terribly reasonable deal of scratch directions? (horizontal, vertical, angled)
four. Have you furnished a scratch surface that continues to be desk bound and stable in response to your tom cat personal family scratching behavior?
5. Does your scratching put up or scratching surface provide a 28 inch to 36 inch vertical height so your cat can reach, pull, and get an comprehensive stretch of the body?
6. Have you positioned the scratch surface in a local where youve accompanied the scratching behavior? (where slumbering quarters are situated; where delicacies & water bowls are situated; at entrances/exits/doorways/window sills; on the point of domestic furnishings; moderate dwelling components shared by the relax of the non-public family)
7. Have you positioned several scratching posts/surfaces in a couple of components across the domestic so your cat has potentialities to land the relevant scratch within the relevant place on the relevant time?
8. Have you furnished ample scratch shops to deal with a multi-cat family unit?
9. Have you positioned scratching posts/surfaces in communal components where the non-public family spends virtually all other ladies and men of their time? (Your tom cat personal family member will want to be on the point of you, no longer caught in a corner far from equally of the action)
10. Have you appeared obtaining a perch-scratching surface combo like the CatAWhack Unit? Cats need to glance out over the neighborhood that they share with you and the relax of the non-public family; a perch grants a acceptable platform for spying thrilling issues, staying entertained, and seeing “eye-to-eye” with the relax of the non-public family… and like any member of the non-public family who needs to converse or share their discoveries, they need a demeanour to converse it to youthats where the scratch surface (aka: writing pad) comes into play offering a comfortably situated prospective of expression.
11. Does scratch behavior come about faster than, equally of the tactic by manner of, or after exposure to exact reports or sports activities? (dining, drinking, slumbering, enjoying, wanting out the window, spending time on the screened in porch, vacationing the vet, partaking with other voters within the domestic)
12. Does the scratch behavior upward push up at pawticular instances of the day (dawn, nightfall, midnight); after authentic sports activities (waking from sleep, dining, enjoying); or after seeing other felines, birds, squirrels or interacting with the non-public family canine or other felines (within the domestic, observed by manner of windows, fragrance detection by manner of window screens or beneath doorways)?
13. Have you built-in the meeting of a couple of day by day demands with the location of scratch surfaces? For example, growing an neighborhood where feeding, drinking, slumbering, enjoying, exercising, stretching, and scratching happens. Designated purrsonalized spaces that fulfill a couple of demands linked to tom cat fitness, neatly-being, and sports activities of day by day dwelling make natural recurrent fragrance placement a reinforcer for return visits and repeat scratch purrformances.
14. Have you rewarded scratching behavior positioned on designated claws on surfaces with treats, catnip, affection, pawsitive praise, and/or play time?
15. Have you attempted setting your cat on or on the point of the scratch surface while you puppy her? This on the whole conjures up kneading actions with the paws that retract and boost the claws into and out of the scratch surface pinnacle to pleasurable sensations and a may have to return and repeat.
16. Have you used rewards or pawsitive reinforcement that YOUR cat is aware of? (treats; interactive play time; solitary play time with a treat ball; praise; kitty therapeutic rub down; catnip; entry to a local, room, closet, basement, and so on. that basically is infrequently genuinely necessarily invariably purchasable)
17. Have you enticed your tom cat personal family member with interactive play time across the scratching put up/designated scratching surface or with factors of curiosity, sounds, scents, tastes that inspire exploration across the unit? (dangle toys; chase toys; catnip; hidden treats; pre-recorded prey sounds that initiate at timed durations; games of chase, tag, or hide-n-are wanting for)
18. Have you made efforts to modification out optimistic rewards and reinforcers to make it more thrilling for your cat? (For example, similar to a cardboard subject subject or another addition that will inspire exploration and curiosity within the neighborhood where the scratching put up is positioned)
19. Have you positioned automated treat dispensers across the scratching put up/surface? (Make selfmade treat dispensers or work-to-devour toys by chopping small holes in a brown paper bag, small cardboard subject subject, or lavatory paper roll that has the ends folded up; Try the Amazing Treat Machine Rollers)
20. Have you been constant on your efforts to redirect, benefits and improve scratching behavior on designated claws on surfaces?
21. Have you furnished your cat with a minimum of 14 days to modification their scratch stick with to accredited surfaces? (After all, it takes a minimum of 14 days to trip or modification a dependancy)
22. Have you made historic scratching haunts or claws off surfaces unappealing to your tom cat personal family member? (Covered with double sided tape or furniture protectors harking back to: Sticky Paws Furniture Strips; Sticky Paws on a Roll; Used secure scents or non-toxic repellents on the internet website of unwanted scratching harking back to orange rinds, natural citrus, lemon, or orange sprays, Pet Organics No Scratch!, bitter apple sprays or repellents; used Motion-Activated Deterrents that’s a movement detector that senses your cat and releases a blast of air from a compressed aerosol can when the cat receives on the point of historic scratching haunts; Placed aluminum cans full of something noisy like cash, pebbles, or dry beans (Remember to tape over the start with a natural latex tape) teetering on the fringe of unwanted scratch components like the arm of a chair. The scratch action will cause the can to fall making a noise which could deter a repeat purrformance.)
23. Have you used a puppy odor remover harking back to Nature’s Miracle Just for Cats Orange Oxy Power Stain & Odor Remover on historic scratching haunts faster than preserving with the above? (Scent glands within the paw pads accompany scratch placement. Remove the fragrance faster than preserving so that when a smooth day scratch stick with is founded and its time to uncover, they wont have a may have to return)
24. Have you appeared applying bananas as a scratch deterrent? Believe it or no longer, it has been acknowledged that some cats do no longer like the scent of bananas. You can place a single banana or a gaggle on the point of the “claws-off” neighborhood or surface. Other potentialities come with natural banana extract or banana powder. NOTE: All cats aren’t the similar and characteristic dissimilar aversions to smells.
25. Have you positioned a clean or satin classification throw blanket over the furniture where the scratch is happening? This texture combined with the blankets tendency to slip, slide and go will make it robust for your tom cat personal family member to get an even “grasp” and may neatly perhaps possibly therefor be less thrilling than other surfaces or textures. NOTE: Although you’ll be able to like the blanket to head a chunk of in response to scratch tries, it  necessarily nevertheless will be inclined to paste to the upholstery so it stays in place and does no longer fall to the lowest. If you’ve got got a leather-based or vinyl piece of furniture, tuck one give up of the blanket into the cushions to anchor it.
26. Have you positioned the CatAWhack Unit/ scratch surface next to former scratching haunts (aka: couch, kitchen desk, doorway or window frames, carpets or rugs, draperies, bathe curtain) to inspire transfer of the scratch stick with from claws-off surfaces to claws-on?
27. Have you step-by-step moved the CatAWhack Unit or an opportunity scratch surface far from former scratching haunts over the course of a 14 day period in order to decide your felines scratch stick with on “claws-on” surfaces outdoors of universal foot traffic paths at anyplace within the domestic or on the periphery of a room pretty of the center?
28. If you’ve got got kittens, are you getting them used to having their paws treated so they’ll be more cozy with nail cropping?
29. Are you trimming your cats claws a minimum of once a month or having the veterinarian do it for you?
30. Are you avoiding trimming your cat’s claws since you do not know the relevant approach to do it or are scared of chopping into the rapid of the nail? If so, here are some supplies to help: How to Trim Your Cat’s Claws; Trimming Your Cat’s Claws Video with Cat Henstridge, the PetStreet Vet
31. If you are having hassle trimming your cats claws, have you attempted the Klaw Kontrol Bag which restricts movement for the accomplishment of major grooming?
32. If your tom cat personal family member turns into anxious equally of the tactic by manner of nail trim classes, have you attempted a Cat Muzzle which could canopy the eyes, decrease reactions to the surroundings, and put across a feeling of calm? NOTE: A nicely becoming kitty muzzle, as utilized by vet techs and groomers, has been situated to be a secure and humane approach to diminish or alleviate your cat’s anxiety equally of the tactic by manner of grooming and some types of clinical intervention and medical care. If you prefer to to milk this option, please confirm the muzzle matches nicely so that your kitty’s nose is thru the entrance beginning faster than continuing; within the social gathering that you just could see the nose in actual fact, then kitty can breathe freely! Just as with devoid of reference to what else, no longer all cats will react to 1 the similar method, and some will do more fascinating devoid of one.
IMPORTANT: faster than looking for this option, provide your tom cat personal family member with a very long time to get undeniable with the muzzle…put it on the lowest, enable her to brush up towards it, introduce step-by-step over some days.
33. Have you attempted tune indeed designed for the acute hearing sensitivities of your tom cat to inspire a feeling of calm? Pet Acoustics have received here upon that felines settle on out long sustained tones and harmonies at a subtle to low amount to sustain their tom cat kingdom of relax. Pet Acoustics tune will help create an surroundings that minimizes anxiety and severe scratch instruct in response to an terribly reasonable deal of issues within the surroundings similar to grooming (nail trim classes), separation nervousness, thunderstorms, car travel, or veterinary visits.
34. Have you attempted Soft Claws adhesive nail caps that canopy the claw for a four to 6 week period? Here’s a video demonstration to help: How to Apply Soft Paws and Soft Claws Nail Caps with Veterinarian Dr. Christianne Schelling and Charlie the Cat
35. Have you attempted Feliway Comfort Zone Plug-In, a natural substance, odorless to individuals, that mimics a cat’s facial pheromones to shrink overactive scratching in response to annoying environments?
36. Have you attempted Clicker Training where you pair a clicking sound with the desired behavior and benefits jump? Captivate their consciousness by clicking once they go for the period of the desired neighborhood and have interplay in scratch behavior. Immediately comply with the sound of the press on with optimistic reinforcement till a smooth day behavior happens on a day by day foundation.
37. Have you furnished your tom cat personal family member with a minimum of quarter-hour of playtime according to day? (boredom can give up result in more scratching behavior)
38. Have you taken the time to watch your cat for clues and cues on the relevant approach to inspire their cooperation? What curls your cat’s whiskers, produces a tail swish, receives that purr motor runnin’ or conjures up a meow?
39. Have you furnished a stimulating surroundings which could save your cat entertained? For example, have you opened curtains, blinds, and window shades; furnished a perch high ample to go looking outdoors windows; and positioned scratch shops within shut proximity?
40. If you reside in a basement condominium with few windows, have you appeared enjoying DVD’s that characteristic footage of outdoors critters like birds, squirrels, rabbits, crickets, or mice to present visual stimuli and environmental enrichment? Have you positioned a scratch surface within the neighborhood?
forty one. Have you appeared introducing enticing sounds or recordings across the designated scratch surface or neighborhood? The crinkle sound of a brown paper bag; The scratching sound that a fingernail makes on a textured surface; The sound of an index finger thumping underneath a blanket; Insect, rodent, fowl, bat, frog sound clips produced by an electronic gadget that robotically plays at set durations or starts off in response to movement (You can get high quality sound clips here: Animal Acoustic Communication)
42. These sounds will stimulate predatory preparatory responses that inspire scratching within the neighborhood of the sound and improve scratching instruct on and across the designated scratch surfaces where the sound originates. You may neatly perhaps possibly also embellish the impression by setting hidden treats and toys within the neighborhood of the sound that have a similar visual charm, texture, and high quality of the prey linked to the sound.
forty three. Have you appeared setting cat puzzles or small cubby holes with hidden treats on the point of the scratch surface or having a treat dispenser within reach to dispense treats?
44. Another high quality trap is to milk a lightweight useful resource at night time to enterprise moving shadows onto a ground, wall, or ceiling which will be situated on the point of designated scratch components to inspire applying claws. Shadows may neatly perhaps possibly be created by setting a lightweight useful resource on the back of a moving, rotating, or rocking object and adjusting the depth and positioning of the faded useful resource to amass dissimilar degrees and types of shadow.
forty 5. Consider applying Calvin Klein Obsession for Men Cologne. It has been situated to attract and illicit responses in once wild larger cats now in captivity. Check out the video Big Cats Wild for Calvin Klein Cologne. A squirt or two on or across the scratch surface may neatly perhaps possibly be basically what’s had to realise the consciousness of your tom cat.
forty six. Have you appeared shopping without doubt a type of the iPhone or iPad apps for cats to present your tom cat personal family member with some play time within the neighborhood of a scratch surface?
47. Have you consulted with an animal behaviorist that specializes in cat behavior, a seasoned-claw rescue group, or a seasoned-claw veterinarian?
forty eight. Have you used an Internet Search Engine like Google or Yahoo to determine more about tom cat behavior and scratch stick with?
49. Here are some on line pages which could neatly perhaps additionally provide counsel, supplies, apparatus, and models which could help: Cattress Mattress; Expert Cat Behaviorist Jackson Galaxy; Paws Need Claws Campaign; Veterinarian Dr. Christianne Schelling; Holistic veterinarian and publisher Dr. Jean Hovfe
50. If your cat reports a cat scratch relapse and starts off scratching “claws-off” components, recognize what may neatly perhaps additionally have induced the behavior: Is there devoid of reference to what new or dissimilar within the surroundings? Is there a smooth day addition to the non-public family or a widespread absence of a personal family member? Are there alterations within the outdoors surroundings which would be contributing to alterations inside of harking back to building duties within the neighborhood, a neighbor with an affinity for loud tune, or any loud noises which could neatly perhaps additionally have startled or spooked your tom cat personal family member when he turned into occupying his designated area or working towards his scratch behavior? Is kitten bored? Are there any new smells left over from a home trend enterprise, travelers entering the domestic who may neatly perhaps possibly be donning the fragrance of their tom cat personal family that will a lot reasonable be detectable to the sensitive nostrils of your tom cat, or any other scent which could neatly perhaps possibly set off a scratch response or deserve to put fragrance?
fifty one. If you are uncertain what’s contributing to your cat’s abrupt modification in scratch stick with, perform a little detective work. Consider an appointment together with your veterinarian to go looking if there’s a physical or clinical rationale why; Invest in a Motion Detection Camera to make a choice-in together with your tom cat personal family member at on every social gathering at anyplace within the day by wireless faraway video viewing which will neatly perhaps possibly provide some clues of what happens while you are no longer there.
fifty two. If youre applying a CatAWhack Unit or other cat furniture that carries a scratch panel, deal with moving it from time to time (each four-6 months) to an opportunity fascinating location harking back to a smooth day window view to save Kitten engaged, curious, and stimulated OR reconfigure the CatAWhack Unit by moving the scratch panel, mattress, or leaf toy OR introduce a smooth day section or accessory harking back to a subject subject, a blanket over half of of the unit, crinkle tube, or a smooth day toy.

Remember, dont take the scratch purrsonallyput your self in their paws and with out a hindrance find out the tactic that you just could inspire claws to designated surfaces.

Give your cats a scratchin chance! They are basically wanting for his or her method; make a choice their neighborhood; find out where they belong; allocate area; map out a perimeter; outline boundaries; let other domestic population know theyre there; converse; stick with sports activities of self-care that make a contribution to fitness, longevity and neatly-being; and determine an identity within the non-public family unit.

Help us add to the listing! Together we are able to reach 100 interventions and answers.

So what do you say? Power to the Paw: Claws & All! We can do it!

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Bret promotes tom cat claw retention efforts with the Go Pro Paw: Claws & All movement; Provides the “CatAWhack Unit”, a 7 models-in-1 natural scratch selection that grants a mandatory purrsonalized, designated area within the domestic for tom cat personal family that promotes security, security, and convenience; and gives cat scratch reconditioning supplies that assist folk in feeling empowered and adept at redirecting cat scratch stick with to designated “claws on” surfaces so that domestic inside of, furnishings, and communal area are preserved while claws are retained.

It is hoped that these cumulative efforts will provide forth mutually an even option domestic environments where interdependence, neatly-being, appreciation, adoration, and thriving exist amongst all domestic population in inter-species households.

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