Cat Furniture – Making Your Own Cat Scratching Post

Cat Furniture – Making Your Own Cat Scratching Post

Cats need to scratch. That’s their method of exercise toes and elimination ancient claw sheaths. Aside from that, it just feels relevant. You could unavoidably buy a cat scratching post, make your possess, or see your couch destroyed. Cat furnishings doesn’t can be refined or troublesome. It does need to be powerful, even so. Let’s replicate on a latitude of light cat scratching post. There are just 3 gear; a base, a post, and a suited. We’ll appearance at each and every.

The base. A cat scratching post demands to be powerful. A post that experience over when in use can scare your cat away, continuously on no account to come. The base is likewise as a minimum sixteen” by sixteen” square and cut from 3/4″ plywood or particle board. The base can even be painted, covered with cut pile carpet, or covered with drapery. Carpet will hang up more friendly, and, after you’ve got scraps from your property it would go nicely with your dcor. Cut pile carpet will now not snag your cat’s claws like shag or loop. The optimal enjoyable and much judicious formula to make a base is to color the fringe of the board and hot soften the carpet to the skin. Fast, convenient, neat. Make the bottom first.

The post. The scratching post itself is made out of two pieces of 2×4 nailed in mixture. Typical post height is likewise longer than your cat is tall (stretched out). Cats need to stretch when scratching. Most advertisement cat scratching posts are 26″ to 30″ tall. Nail your 2×4’s in mixture and cut the 2 ends square. You will wrap the post with “, non-oiled, sisal rope. This type of rope is bought at optimal hardware stores or house centers. To determine the quantity of rope you’re going to like you’re going to determine about 5 feet for every and every inch in post height. For example a 30″ scratching post would need 5 x 30, or a hundred and fifty’. Sisal is the optimal enjoyable cat scratching medium and is awfully low-fee. To wrap the post first drill a quarter inch hole about one inch deep all over the global very practically the underside fringe of the post and at the suited edge. These are wherein you’re going to anchor the rope. Attach the post to the suited of the carpeted base with 4 3″ long deck screws. Screw tightly inside the carpet. Squirt infinite hot soften glue internal the opening you drilled and insert the tip of the rope. Now this will be going to be much judicious a topic of wrapping the rope around the post. You could wrap it tightly. After every ten or twelve wraps, when maintaining pressure, use a hammer to tap the wraps in mixture. If you bypass this step your cat will flip out to be compressing the wraps when he makes use of the post and also you’re going to perchance also additionally have a house at the suited. When you get to the suited use your hot soften as soon as again to anchor the tip of the rope internal the opening you drilled upfront than.

The suited. The much judicious suited for this cat furnishings is much judicious a timber cap that assists in preserving the rope from slipping off. You could unavoidably buy ornamental fence post caps at house centers or in basic terms cut a work of timber about 4″ x 4.5″. Simply nail or screw the cap in position. If you with out doubt like your cat you’re going to current him a cat perch by making a timber container with internal dimensions of 14″ x 14″ x 3″. Screw the container to the post with 3″ deck screws and hot soften a as nicely piece of carpet in position. If you spray the post with catnip extract your cat will go crazy over his new post.

Depending on just what you should have to buy this endeavor can optimal optimal likely be completed for $30 or so. You can give theory for inspiration and thoughts.

Bill of components.
Scrap carpet, as a minimum sixteen” x sixteen”. Cut pile is optimal enjoyable.
Plywood, sixteen” x sixteen”.
Two 2×4’s amongst 26″ and 30″
Sisal rope, a latitude of hundred and fifty’.
Wooden suited cap, 4″ x 4.5″
Deck screws, 3″

Author’s Bio:

Bob Hampel has been saved by contented cats for 35 years. He has infinite status internal the pussycat regional having constructed cat furnishings for this will be going to be participants. He just this present day owns and invites you to browse for imperative cat furnishings for imperative cat lovers.