136 Pound Catfish Caught – Should Be A New Record But

136 Pound Catfish Caught – Should Be A New Record But

News Flash Monster Catfish Caught! Should have been a State Record!

The BIG CATFISH changed into a blue catfish.

A 136 pound blue catfish changed into stuck in Berkeley County, South Carolina, the nation record of twenty one (21) years is a 106 pound blue catfish and it ought to continue to be the record. The nation officers pronounced that the 136 pound blue catfish didn’t amendment the record with out subject subject since it changed into stuck on a trotline that’s a heavy fishing line with instead a few baited hooks linked and in no way with a rod and reel. To qualify the nation record has to be stuck on a rod and reel. I might neatly no longer be in a place to even suppose catching a 106 pound, heaps much less a 136 pound catfish, or the opposite fish, on a rod and reel.

Officials pronounced that no subject the catching reports-set, the fish signifies the virtue of what size of catfish are chanced on within the close by house. I guess this makes the played close by fishermen get obtainable rods and reels and head to the home rivers and lakes.

There are 3 repeatedly used species of Catfish in America, Channel, Flathead, and Blue Catfish. Channel are the optimum typical and customary and smallest, Flathead are he second largest and second optimum repeatedly used, and Blue are the largest and can handiest be figured out in confined puts.

Lets take a visual charm at a type of of the catfish paperwork. Not a lot of these paperwork are stuck on rod and reel notwithstanding in any cost they’re splendid paperwork,

Channel catfish are acknowledge as being the smaller of the catfish. The channel catfish record handiest weighed in at 58 kilos and changed into landed within the Santee-Cooper Reservoir in South Carolina, July 7, 1964. It feels like South Carolina is acknowledge as a triumphant place to fish.

There are 9rRecords for Blue Catfish over one hundred lbs

a 124lbs changed into stuck in 2005 from the Mississippi River; in 2004 the fine catch of the day changed into a 121lbs catfish at the comparable time as fishing on the Texas portion of Lake Texoma; In 1988 a 118lbs changed into stuck on the Oklahome portion of Lake Texoma this one changed into acknowledge to be stuck on a jug line; 1964 changed into when the 117lbs blue cat stuck within the Osage River, in Missouri, on a trotline; then in 1995 essentially West Memphis Arkansas on the Mississippi River a 116lbs changed into recorded as a record; in 2008 a 113lbs blue cat changed into stuck in San Vincente California; a 112lbs catfish changed into stuck in 1998 within the Cumberland River in Tennessee; 111 lbs catfish changed into stuck in 1996 on Wheeler Lake in Alabama; and a 108lbs catfish changed into stuck within the Mississippi River essentially Memphis in 2007.

Flathead Catfish paperwork of fish over 100lbs

In 1982 a 139lbs flathead changed into stuck within the Arkansas River, Arkansas it changed into acknowledge to have been stuck on a snagline; a 123lbs changed into stuck in 1998 on Elk City Lake, Kansas; and in 1977 a 106lbs flathead changed into snagged on a trotline in Wister Lake, Oklahoma.

Now with spring simply next door the played fishermen might neatly be capable to get obtainable and catch the fine catfish. Heres hoping a type of of it’s possible you’re going to also catch the monster catfish with a purpose to triumph over one of these paperwork notwithstanding when no longer I comprehend it’s possible you’re going to also savor searching.